Education is "God's Gift to the mankind". One must learn to accept it gracefully, use it sensibly and skillfully to achieve the best of life.
Karnataka Technical
Education Society (R)

(Vice Chairman)
To Motivate the youth to focus on developing the skills that will make them target driven, result driven and vision driven individuals to face the challenges of life by bringing out the best in them.

We at K.I.E.T.POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE are deeply committed to Quality learning and firmly believe in improvement at every stage.
Orientations of core values in the youth by providing a nurturing ground for the holistic development of the individual through academic excellence, professional competence, personal skills, inter-personal skills and societal skills, so that they develop a dynamic character and personality which will enable them to intelligently & courageously meet the challenges of life.

To provide Participation in our national dreams and aspirations and our dedication to promote national integration, religious harmony and secularism.

Institution Profile
Education is a precious investment of life. The first step in the right direction sets the course for a productive life. The formative mind is led to one direction when it begins amidst a mindset of commitment, values and trusted ideals.

Institution was established in the year 1981 by Prof. H.K.S. Shastry with broad objective "to produce dedicated and disciplined intellectuals, to lead life with greater determination."

The institution which was started with hardly 600  students  at  present  has  a  strength  of  1000. Characteristic feature of this institute is 'Quality Education' which has been achieved and maintained with support and commitment from our high caliber faculty, offering you job-oriented Diploma courses and ITI with excellent placement record, having the latest and relevant technical infrastructure to cultivate the desired skills attain excellence in your specific stream of choice.

In addition to well equipped laboratories, workshops, lecture halls, auditorium, advanced teaching Aids, we lay greatest stress on individual attention, continuous assessment and practical orientation.

The curriculum is programmed such that equal importance is given for sports and Co-curricular activities thus facilitating overall growth. K.I.E.T. Polytechnic is the right choice to mould the future generation.

Hostel attached to our institution can boast of neat and tidy environment, nutritious and healthy food with parental care given by our experienced warden. Parents are regularly informed about the progress of their ward. The society has started the construction of a modern educational complex of 80,000 sq.ft. In a serene locality in South Bangalore. Shortly the Institution plans to spread its wings into areas of Degree, Post-graduation and Management Courses.